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Registered Nubian
Dairy Goats
Hickman, Nebraska








Welcome to our On-Line 2009 Herd Brochure

     Nubilop Acres is comprised of approximately 30 to 35 head of show quality registered Nubians located just South of Lincoln, being nearly in the center of the United States.  It doesn’t take long to fall in love with these beautiful Nubians.  They entered our lives in  September 1982, as a 4-H project for our son and daughter and have been with us ever since.  We have always raised Nubians with the exception of a few years when our daughter had a couple of Alpines.  It was a welcome relief to get back to just the Nubians – we love their disposition, beautiful ears, and fun colors.  It has been through our Nubians that we have made many special friends who we look forward to seeing each year at the shows. 

     Our does did not disappoint us this year in the 2008 show season doing very well throughout the whole show season, winning Senior and Reserve Senior Champion, Best of Breed, Best Udder of Breed, and Best Udder of Show at the Missouri State Fair and ending the show season at the Nebraska State Fair with Senior and Reserve Senior Champion, Best of Breed, Best Udder of Breed, and runner up for Best Udder of Show (a beautiful LaMancha beat us).  We also fared very well at the other shows throughout the summer.  It has been years, and I do mean years, since we have shown our bucks, but we decided to take a couple of our young guys out this past spring and we were excited when Sly Fox went Senior Champion!

     In the fall of 2007 our entire herd tested negative for CAE. It is our intention to retest the entire herd this winter and possibly test our bucks for G6S. The kids are immediately taken at birth from their dams and raised on heat treated   colostrum and pasteurized milk.  My attendance  at the time of labor for each doe is fairly easy as I am able to work at home and have a monitor sitting on my desk during kidding time.  This has pretty much enabled me to be there during the birthing process for each doe.  All babies are individually bottle fed as I feel I have more control over this method than a lamb bar, although the thoughts of using a lamb bar are tempting. The kids are raised on a coccidiosis preventative program.  Because of the problems we have had over the past few years, we relocated our kid pens to a new area and have had excellent results with very growthy kids. Our kids are usually weaned at three months of age unless we have one that is a little smaller in size. They are vaccinated for tetanus and enterotoxemia. We also deworm them shortly after birth and then on an as needed basis, keeping very close track of the color of the eyelids. 

TERMS OF SALE:   If a kid is reserved prior to birth, the price is as stated on each doe's page. However, we do reserve the right to modify pricing once the kids are born if they are not preordered prior to birth. The price quoted on our website is for kids up to six weeks of age.  We would appreciate a $50 deposit for each kid ordered.  If you are interested in a buck, please preorder as we only keep bucks that we have orders for, or ones that we will be saving as a replacement in our herd.   Balance due on kids must be paid in full before shipped or picked up.  We prefer to place kids in their new homes by 4 to 6 weeks of age, but are willing to make arrangements to hold the kid longer if necessary.  Orders are accepted on a first requested basis.  It would be a good idea to make a 1st and 2nd choice.  There will be no refunds on cancelled orders.  However, if we cannot fill your order or the kid does not meet our specifications, your deposit will be refunded or held until next year, whichever you choose.  All health papers & shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.  We do reserve the right to retain any animal in our sales list. Please let us know if the animal that you are considering purchasing is for a 4-H project.

     Thank you to all who have placed a Nubilop Acres kid in your herd and to those who have purchased mature animals from us. We always enjoy hearing from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.

Thank you,
Dale & Marilyn Stertz


Nubilop Acres
10600 Stagecoach Road
Hickman, NE 68372
(402) 792-2441


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