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Registered Nubian
Dairy Goats
Hickman, Nebraska










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Nubilop Acres Ladys Phantom

Phantom is a very aggressive young buckling, already breeding his first mature doe at five months of age. I had mixed thoughts on using the picture that we took of him as it is not the best of him but it does give an idea of his color and body build. He was not about to be made "all pretty" and would not allow us to set him up for a picture being simply more interested in it being breeding season. We will be using him lightly in order to prove out the more mature bucks. His dam, Beautiful Lady, was 4X Best of Breed, 1X Best Udder of Breed and Best Doe In Show in 2009.

CH Nubilop Acres Beautiful Lady

     SS:  *B Regehrs Alginon's Ace
Sire: Blue Thunder Sequoia
     SD: Borderline Sun Wynonna *M

    DS: *B Regehrs Sassy's Fortune
Dam: CH Nubilop Acres Elegant Lady
     DD: CH Nubilop Acres Spring Lady

DOB:  April 2004
LA:     2-02  VG85 V+V+

          4-01  VG89 VVEE
          5-01  VG89 EEVV

Beautiful Lady is another powerful doe being wide in the chest with lots of depth through her barrel. She again has a very balanced mammary system, proper teat placement with a tightly attached fore udder and nice width to the rear udder. However, we'd definitely like to give her more height in her rear attachment. We feel like we lost a little height in rear attachment when we compare her with her dam. We are very proud of her yearling milking daughter, Tender Love Lady, and will be repeating that breeding for 2010 kids. Beautiful Lady did very well for us in the 2009 show season winning Reserve Senior Champion, Senior Grand Champion, 4X Best of Breed, Best Udder of Breed and Best Doe In Show. Her lifetime show record now includes: 2X Reserve Junior Champion, 2X Junior Champion, 2X Best Junior Doe In Show, 3X Senior Reserve Champion, 2X Senior Grand Champion, 4X Best of Breed, Best Udder of Breed and Best Senior Doe In Show. 

Nubilop Acres Ginger's Paprika

     SS: Regehrs Sassy's Fortune
Sire: Nubilop Acres Passionate Lover
     SD: CH
Nubilop Acres Charisma's Gigi

    DS: My Enchanted Acres Heartthrob
Dam: Nubilop Acres Marigolds Ginger
     DD: Nubilop Acres Orchids Marigold

DOB: April 2008
LA:    1-01  GP83 ++V+ (at 2 weeks fresh)

Paprika is a slow maturing doe, but with beautiful general appearance - so level over her topline, smoothly blended and so sharp over her withers. She has a very small mammary system, but very correct with good height and width in her rear udder attachment. She has proper teat placement and size and an adequate fore udder being tightly attached. She loves the show ring and loves attention. This is a doe that our classifier told us is only going to get better as she matures. She was shown in the 2009 show season placing in the top half of her classes. She is a doe that I also expect to only get better as she matures.

Nubilop Acres Stitches Patches

     SS:  Sweet Harvest Yankeedoodledandy
Sire: Little Bic's Honey's Hot Shot
     SD: CH Little Bic's Sweet Honey

    DS: *B Regehrs Sassy's Fortune
Dam: Nubilop Acres Magic Stitches
     DD: Nubilop Acres Shiffon

DOB:  May 2007
LA:    2-00  VG86 VEE+

Patches has a very sweet disposition and from a general appearance standpoint is very pleasing to look at. She excels in dairy character with a very level topline, a wide chest floor and good chest extension. She has a beautiful fore udder extension being smoothly blended. As far as rear attachment, it is very snug, but she definitely needs better teat placement which keeps her from placing high in her classes. If we could place those teats where they are supposed to be, she would be towards the top of her classes. Needless to say, in the 2009 show season she was normally within the top half of her classes and a few times doing even better than that with a 4th place out of 16 at the Iowa State Fair.

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