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Registered Nubian
Dairy Goats

Hickman, Nebraska









My-Enchanted-Acres Heartthrob

Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Beaus Flame 5*M

     SS:  ++*B Fra-Jac's A.G. Tyrone
Sire: GCH +*B Regehrs Ty's Rocket Man
     SD: Regehrs Picaboo BBK

    DS: GCH ++*B Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Beaus Flame 5*M
     DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M

DOB:  April 2005
LA:     1-02 VG85 VV+

Heartthrob is a buck who we sold in an effort to decrease the number of herd sires for us. We knew if we were going to sell him, we wanted to make sure he went to a home where we felt he would make improvements in their herd - he is way to nice of a buck to go to a sale barn. We feel very fortunate that the Churchill Family in Iowa agreed to let him return to us for a month and we thank them for letting us use him on several of our best does. When we returned him on Thanksgiving weekend we were able to see the daughters he produced for them this past spring. We are seeing a consistency in passing on level toplines and wide, flat rumps in their herd as well as in ours. From our standpoint, we also know that one of his strongest points is improvement in mammary systems. I have never seen Heartthrob take anything away from a mammary system, but he consistently improves it. He, however, does at times tend to pass on a little shorter ear, but still within breed standards. I love the long bell shaped Nubians ears, but if I can get a level topline, a beautiful rump and a very nice mammary system, I can give up a little ear length although not too much.

Nubilop Acres Gi's Way Too Hot

     SS:  Sweet Harvest Yankeedoodledandy
Sire: Little Bic's Honey's Hot Shot
     SD: CH Little Bic's Sweet Honey

    DS: Little Bic's Honey's Hot Shot
Dam: CH Nubilop Acres Charisma's Gigi
     DD: Nubilop Acres Tap's Charisma

DOB: April 2007
LA:   1-0
0 VG86 VE+
        2-01 VG87 VEE

Way Too Hot was a planned breeding in the event that if something were to happen to Hot Shot and we were unable to have Hot Shot collected, that we would have a son of his that was very tightly bred that would hopefully produce offspring as nice as Hot Shot has done.  Luckily, we were able to get Hot Shot collected, but as it ends up we sure are glad we have Way Too Hot.  I really like the style of this young guy, the length of body, his length of rump, levelness of topline, and open escutcheon area.  He has a very strong pedigree behind him with both his sire and dam classifying Excellent. His first daughter, Orange Blossom, will freshen as a first freshening 2-year-old this coming spring. He will also have several daughters from this past spring freshening as yearling milkers. Once his first daughters have freshened, we will have a pretty good idea of what he is capable of doing. His littermate sister, CH Nubilop Acres Lovely Lady, freshened this past spring as a first freshening 2-year-old and has already attained her permanent champion status. 

Stagelight Palace Knight

     SS: Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
Sire: Stagelight LMO Princeton
Stagelight Princess Day

    DS: Sweet Things Rocky Road
Dam: CH Stagelight RR Pukahani
     DD: Lassenwood Zhivago Pukalani

DOB: April 2008
LA:   1-01 VG87 V

Tested: G6S Negative

Palace Knight is a very stylish, correct, young buck with a sweet disposition and very easy to work with. We feel he should work very nicely with our Poetic Justice daughters and son and with our future plans for upcoming herd sires. We would like to thank Adel Pryor for giving us the chance to put this beautiful guy to work in our herd and are looking forward to seeing his first kids arriving this spring

CH Stagelight RR Pukahani
4-03 EX91 (EEEE)
CH Stagelight RR Pukahani
4-03 EX91 (EEEE)
Paternal Granddam:
Stagelight Princess Day
-03 EX90 (EEEE)

Nubilop Acres Ladys Phantom

Phantom is a very aggressive young buckling, already breeding his first mature doe at five months of age. I had mixed thoughts on using the picture that we took of him as it is not the best of him but it does give an idea of his color and body build. He was not about to be made "all pretty" and would not allow us to set him up for a picture being simply more interested in it being breeding season. We will be using him lightly in order to prove out the more mature bucks. His dam, Beautiful Lady, was 4X Best of Breed, 1X Best Udder of Breed and Best Doe In Show in 2009.

Nubilop Acres Sweet Justice

     SS:  Little Bic's Zoe
Sire Stagelight LBZ Poetic Justice
     SD: CH Stagelight RR Pukahani

    DS: Little Bic's Honey's Hot Shot
CH Nubilop Acres Charisma's Gigi

     DD: Nubilop Acres
Tap's Charisma

DOB:  April 2009

We were deeply saddened when we lost Sweet Justice's sire, Poetic Justice, this summer at a much too young of an age. By the time we and our veterinarian finally figured out what was going on, it was simply too late. In our part of the country this past spring we had a heavy infestation of ticks and after thorough blood work being done it was determined that a tick was involved. We are very fortunate to have had Poetic Justice collected. His son, Sweet Justice, is a beautiful buck and one that is noticed when we have had other breeders here. He is extremely level over his topline, flat, wide and level over his rump with a nicely rounded escutcheon area and wide chest floor. When I look at the breeding behind this buck, the mammary systems on Gigi and Pukahani, he really ought to produce some outstanding offspring. Sweet Justice will be breeding several of our 2009 daughters

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